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Relational Energy and Music/Sounds Involvement in Physical Storytelling Workshop

We successfully ran our in-person workshop, Physical Storytelling with Alice Higginson-Clarke, Co-Artistic Director of Scratchworks Theatre Company, at the iconic and inspiring space at the Albany, on the evening of 15th June.

With each well-designed part of exercises connected and leading to the next, a smooth 1.5-hour session flew past, leaving loads of laughs, learning and inspirations to take away for the participants. Matching the signature playful devised theatre that involves live music of Scratchworks, this workshop invited participants to bring their portable acoustic instruments if they had one. We had a Ukulele as part of the group!

After a series of delightful warm-up games, Alice brought the exercise “Energy Level”, which further activated the participants, opened up their imagination to move and facilitated the ensemble energy. Individual activities within the big group transitioned to more relational exploration when the Energy Level applied to pair and group tasks.

Those on a task and those disrupting… that was when the fun, competition and laughs happened!

Throw in the music or sound, together with your movement… some outsider initiated a sound and then it was time for your pair to respond… explorations and storytelling running on…

At multiple moments harmony was created under the high ceiling of the studio room at the Albany. “Harmony” in the sense of a movement-based theatre workshop, where a sound or voice is just as physical as other relational participants. To move with, or in response to them is just as playful.

We were excited to welcome participants from all walks of life, from artists mainly working in another discipline, to theatre students and also people who do jobs totally different from theatre, fresh to a physical theatre workshop but ended up enjoying it so much!

See you next time in one of our Physical Storytelling or Devising workshops with the amazing Scratchworks!


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