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Creative Me (in an online group)

At our international online workshop Creative Me with Alice Higginson-Clarke, participants from Brussels, Toronto, Shanghai and London logged onto the online space to play, move, explore and create.

At one moment we were transfering movements from one person to the whole group, like the energy of ripples. The next moment we were caught on the screen(s), trying to sync our choices of an animal to embody.

(Alice on Zoom)

Once again, Alice Higginson-Clarke (co-founder of Scratchworks Theatre Company) designed the workshop well around the time frame, this time one hour, with energy bubbling up during an interesting warm-up, everyone focused on exploring creativity with the main exercises in the middle, then coming to a small piece of material/inspiration towards the end. Daily objects were found and became stimuli of words and images. Words and images are then embodied and played with. While using our body to express and connect the words, we produced a written piece in a such natural and relaxed way.

(Participant on Zoom)

Playing games and doing exercises in the Zoom meeting room helped us connect to a collective creative setting, while we logged in from different parts of the world. There were moments when participants sat in their chairs and wandered in individual imagination but there were also moments when we inspired each other within the group. Tailored to the online space and comfort of homes, the workshop struck a neat balance between group and solo creativity.



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