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Collaborative, Relaxing and Playful Fun

It was fun at our very 1st workshop! With a sold-out, the passionate participants gathered at the rehearsal space of Camden People's Theatre on the evening of 18th October. After getting to know each other a little bit, Alice led the group to start with games to help people warm up and connect as part of the group. Moving, stretching, responding, laughing, familarizing with the space…

Then we explored several techniques on physical movement, including imaging and performing animals as well as embobying natural elements… Within the whole group. In smaller groups to collaborate. After a short break, we came back in 3 groups to create 3 interesting mini pieces using the movement materials…

People sweat, laughed, imagined and moved in all different amazing shapes, in a collaborative environment. We had a diverse group with people from all sorts of paths and experience. The night was concluded as a great success as the participants enjoyed themselves, practiced and learned together in a workshop of high quality, facilitated by Alice Higginson-Clarke from Scratchworks Theatre Company.

Thanks everyone who joined our opening workshop and made this night such a happy and memorable one!

Quoting some of our participants:

'The facilitator is really good and the workshop is well planned and packed with good stuff'

'I like the playfulness and not having to perform in a certain way' (Amalia)

'It was so relaxing and took my mind of my 9-to-5 job!' (Becca)

'Helpful and relevant with wellbeing' (Connie)



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