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About Us

Connecting theatre training to a larger and more diverse audience, Waterway Workshop delivers easy-to-access workshops on various topics related to theatre and performance, in person and online internationally, open to all. Our workshops range from training of high quality convenient for in-career creatives to hone their skills to activities bringing fun, wellbeing and development benefits.


Waterway Workshop is headquartered in London but we also host virtual workshops and provide content and services for our international community.The workshops we have delivered are found to be liberating, inspiring and engaging.


Waterway Workshop is empowered by an amazing network of workshop leaders. We collaborate with experienced facilitators and professionals to offer workshops of high quality. We are happy and proud to work with partners and friends across sectors and across cultures.


What We Value:

Creative Wellbeing and Sustainable Development

Diversity and Inclusion




You can find Waterway on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Little Red Book. We look forward to meeting you at the WORKSHOP.

Founder's Story

Introducing Qingyang Wang, Founder of Waterway Workshop


As an artist, Qingyang performs, writes, moves, facilitates and produces. Having started performing on stage and making theatre since she was a child, she holds an MA Theatre Practice from the University of Exeter. Her current practice features an interdisciplinary and intercultural interest, creating a poetic space for personal connections and art as healing. Her recent solo performance Journey of Whispering Dreams (2022 -), about a healing journey, is a blending of physical movement, poetic text, soundscape and Chinese Classical dance.

The idea to build a space dedicated to easy-to-access theatre workshops seeded in the spring of 2021 after experiencing a bleak theatre scene impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic (yes, as the so-called ‘Covid generation’). Getting aware of the challenges in the theatre training scene and the fact that theatre can be a ‘closed community’ through her personal experiences as an artist and extensive research, Qingyang started to develop the idea of Waterway Workshop.

Coming from a practical theatre background and having benefited from liberating training approaches, she knows about the magic that good workshops can do and is passionate about facilitating personal development. 

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