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Creativity Facilitated by an Online Devising Group

As always in workshops led by Scratchworks, movement warm-up and music played such an invisibly useful role in easing us into the creative mode. It felt as if before we knew it we were already getting familiar with the online group and starting to make stories together.

Music prompts to imagine an opening stage. Much fun, theatre feel – but it was just a starting point. The collaborative energy built up down on the very devising path. We shared starting points and sketches, bouncing back on each other’s material. Materials came into group exercises so we then contributed to the editing process of all of them. Well centred around the workshop theme “Devising with Collaborative Energy”, Alice Higginson-Clarke designed and delivered exercises which encouraged a collaborative creative group and facilitated us along the devising process, including improvisation, creative writing and developing characters.

Waterway Workshop was also excited to welcome participants from different creative walks (writer, actor, literature and theatre student…) and once again held a devising workshop that not only benefited theatre making but also inspired various creative activities. As one of the participants, who is a short story writer, says,

“Everyone can get stuck in our creative process and this was such a good workshop to help with our creativity”.

Happy meeting everyone and connecting online! Juicy pieces and materials born in this collaborative workshop will surely go on further beyond the workshop…



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