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Movement Improvisation with Qingyang Wang: Meeting of Individual Journeys

In the early summer of 2023, Express Visually: Movement Improvisation workshop was held at the online space of Waterway Workshop, facilitated by Qingyang Wang. The group was guided to first relax their bodies and then came to embodied awareness and presence where individual movement improvisation could set free. Drawing on Qingyang’s approach of working with imageries, the participants brought their own imagery from improvisations to the sharing and group evaluation which opened doors for further possibilities and imagination.

Movement Improvisation, Imagery and Self Exploration facilitated by Qingyang was one of the workshops of our Season of Coming Together workshops at the end of 2023. This workshop focused on our checking in and conversations with our bodies – and our bodymind. With tools and facilitation, we came to a communal space for self-care, with calm breaths and moments of mindfulness. 

Qingyang has been drawing on life materials to work with physical movement and poetic text for the past 3 years. Her current solo performance Journey of Whispering Dreams, which had a premiere at FUSE International festival in 2023 and is currently undergoing further development, is a result of a long-term process of material collection, improvisation, movement work and devising. 

Workshops have always been a crucial thread woven in the process of making Journey of Whispering Dreams. From when the materials were first brought in and the idea seeded through group and solo improvisations to long-term devising that went ahead with life and time, to building on her training lineage and refining her unique creative approaches for workshop facilitation for wider groups.

Since her graduation with Distinction from the MA Theatre Practice, University of Exeter, Qingyang’s practice has been influenced by such advanced performance and movement approaches as those of Anna Halprin, Jerzy Grotowski, Phillip Zarrilli, Laban technique and Chinese traditional/classical dance. Journey of Whispering Dreams is a blending of physical movement, poetic text, soundscape and Chinese Classical dance, about a healing journey that went far away from home and across cultures.

The latest edition of Qingyang’s Movement Improvisation workshops, Embodied Improvisation and Your Journey, taking place on 18th April 7PM BST ONLINE, is an invitation for you to enter a calm supported space, of listening to your bodymind, of freedom to improvise, of self-care and of the power of healing from expressive art tools. It’s also a chance to experience featured imagery from Journey of Whispering Dreams while also encountering your own imagery and journey. It’s fantastic when individual journeys and imagination meet in a space. Come to explore. You can book a place here.


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