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'As if face-to-face': collaborative energy as a warming gift in this virtual Devising workshop

Easily fitting around schedules without a prolonged duration, an online Devising session with Scratchworks’ Alice at Waterway Workshop can accommodate so much. An additional gifty warmth was even created when the online meetup and interactive workshop happened in late December.

It was such a lovely and creative group at our Devising with Collaborative Energy on 15th December, with participants logging in from different spots around the planet with their winter scenes through the windows, London, Leeds, Seoul… 

As one of our lovely participants said, it seemed we met ‘face-to-face’ in this group despite using an online platform, with flow and bounces of that collaborative energy expected for this workshop, smoothly facilitated with experience by Alice, the Co-Artistic Director of Scratchworks Theatre Company, Waterway’s long-term collaborator.

An idea might seed with an imagined Location after group warm-ups and games. You might be surprised to feel inspired by a seemingly random and rough ‘drawing’ of your next character. The 1.5 hour flew by in rich inspiring activities, laughs and amusement, time well spent both working as a collaborative group and developing your own materials.

Ensemble energy surrounded this international online workshop. We used devising tools including movement and creative writing, responding with one another and creating things together and came to places/pieces to take further beyond the session.

See you there next time too -- next workshops coming soon. Join our mail list or follow us on social media to keep updated and get more content.




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